What you need to know about Fiji

With long sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters and swaying palm trees Fiji is an island paradise that we can’t wait to explore.

If your like us and thinking of planning a trip to Fiji this year or already have one in the pipeline, here are some of the things we have found out that may help you to make the most of your next Fijian holiday.

malolo island fiji


Mia Resort, Cam Lam Bay, Vietnam

Its not everyday that you get to step foot in a beautiful oasis like the Mia Resort. Nestled along a cliffside about 20 minutes from the Nha Trang City Centre this place is like an oasis of relaxation and style with grass topped accommodation, some of which sits high on the cliff providing you with incredible views of Cam Lam Bay and the resorts very own private beach.

Mia Resort Vietnam Cam Lam Bay View


6 reasons you need to visit the north shore on your next Hawaiian holiday

If you have ever been to Hawaii then its most likely that you probably visited Honolulu, the capital city of Hawaii on the island of Oahu for at least part of your stay. Honolulu is the main city on the island and the location of the International airport where most international flights arrive and depart. Both Jetstar Airways and Hawaiian Airlines depart and arrive from here to and from Australia and it is the gateway to the other Hawaiian islands including Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.

waikiki hawaii



With our favourite holiday, Australia Day, just around the corner we thought we would take a moment to reflect on what it means to us to be Australian and celebrate all things salty and sunburnt.

Australia means the deepest blues of the Pacific Ocean, the dips and valleys of the Great Dividing Range. Australia means rugged coastlines and vibrant cities. It means warm Summer evenings by the ocean, sipping cold beers and laughing with friends. Australia means kindness, mate-ship and always good humour. Australia means a life led outdoors. Australia means freckled noses, tanned limbs and at least one tale of severe sunburn. It means fresh fruit, local seafood and many a tub of Vegemite. Australia means red earth, lush rainforest and white sand. Australia means rich history and diverse culture.

Australia means opportunity and freedom, and we are so blessed to be Australian. Happy Australia Day x

Lady slider dancing on waves in Australia