With our favourite holiday, Australia Day, just around the corner we thought we would take a moment to reflect on what it means to us to be Australian and celebrate all things salty and sunburnt.

Australia means the deepest blues of the Pacific Ocean, the dips and valleys of the Great Dividing Range. Australia means rugged coastlines and vibrant cities. It means warm Summer evenings by the ocean, sipping cold beers and laughing with friends. Australia means kindness, mate-ship and always good humour. Australia means a life led outdoors. Australia means freckled noses, tanned limbs and at least one tale of severe sunburn. It means fresh fruit, local seafood and many a tub of Vegemite. Australia means red earth, lush rainforest and white sand. Australia means rich history and diverse culture.

Australia means opportunity and freedom, and we are so blessed to be Australian. Happy Australia Day x

Lady slider dancing on waves in Australia