Four tips for the perfect travel wardrobe

Emily Hutchinson in India

Emily Hutchinson in India

If you have ever travelled with either way too much luggage (I’m totally guilty here) or got to your destination only to discover that you left part of the stuff you were meant to pack at home or that you seem to have nothing to wear then you will totally understand that just like most things in life you also need to do a little planning when it comes to deciding what clothing and accessories to take on your next overseas holiday.

I can definitely remember a few times that I have travelled in the past where I have either had a suitcase so heavy that I have needed to tap into my travel companions luggage allowance or that I have had to drag my heavy luggage up a flight of stairs and almost collapsed in the process.

Having learnt from these situations, I now try to have a little more of a plan when it comes to my travel wardrobe. In fact my goal, for my trip to Fiji this year is to take carry-on luggage only. This means I can arrive at the airport a little later and that I also don’t have to wait to collect my luggage when I get off my flight at the other end. Plus I have no awkward moments trying to drag my luggage on and off transport or up flights of stairs.

Tash Oakley in Mykonos, Greece

Tash Oakley in Mykonos, Greece

If you too want to be that girl or just know how to pack a little easier, then here are 4 things you need to do to get the perfect travel wardrobe that will ensure you arrive lightly while still looking amazing in all your photos.

1/ Try to pick one or two base colours for your outfits so that you can mix and match 

If you pick one or two base colours rather than trying to bring a full rainbow of colours when you travel you will have more items to mix and match which means more outfits and less clothing.

In other vacation packaging guides I have often seen black suggested as the base colour but unless you really love this colour or are travelling to a place such as Melbourne you may prefer to go for a lighter colour such as white to keep your look fresh and summery (especially if your travel is to warmer climates like Bali, Fiji or Hawaii).

2/ Research the destination and plan your itinerary before you go

I often like to come up with a bit of an itinerary before I go about the things that I’m going to do while I’m there as well as look at the typical temperatures for the time of year that I am going so that I know what I am going to feel like wearing when I get there.

For example if I am planning a trip to Fiji then I know that most of my days will consist of lounging by the pool or out at sea doing water based activities such as snorkelling or stand up paddle boarding so I know I’m probably going to want a few bikinis and cover-ups. While my evenings may look a little more formal such as a dinner at the beach or cocktails with my travel companions so I’m probably going to want a few nice summer dresses.

I also know that the temperature is probably going to be anywhere between 20 – 28 degrees so I’m probably not going to need long pants or jackets unless I’m planning on wearing them on the plane.

If however, I was planning a trip to Melbourne then my wardrobe would probably look completely different as I expect I would be spending most of time days exploring the city and most of my nights eating in awesome tapas bars and restaurants. Plus the temperates are probably going to be sub 20 degrees depending on the time of the year.

3/ Pack a good selection of accessories to create different looks

I love accessories and how they can totally transform your look. For example the day dress you wear exploring could easily become the night dress you wear to dinner with a change from your favourite boater to statement earrings.

A pair of statement earrings and a bandana are my current go-to accessories . I also find the bandana super versatile for travel as I could use it as a head scarf during the day and then around my neck with a dress in the evening.

When considering which accessories to pack, I always try to choose accessories that will go with most of my outfits.

I’m personally an always silver girl when it comes to choosing metals but if this is something you change then consider making sure your accessories are in one metal when travelling to make it easier to coordinate your outfits.

4/ Avoid taking too many pairs of shoes

These are often the heaviest thing in my suitcase so I find less is more when it comes to the number of shoes you bring.

For example if I was going away for a week to an island destination like Fiji I would probably aim to pack a pair of flats or sandals for during the day or out at night, a pair of wedges or strappy shoes (not heels) for special occasions, a pair of walking shoes or sneakers and a pair of thongs for water based activities when my shoes are likely to get damaged or wet.

Of course, if you can also try to make sure your shoes go with all your outfits it means avoiding having to double up.

Do you have any tips for packing the perfect travel wardrobe? Have you tried any of the tips above? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Happy travels xx

This post was written by our Founder, Sarah.