Smoothie Goodness II Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Since arriving home from Europe in July this year, I haven’t really taken healthy eating too seriously (not very like me at all). In fact, I have pretty much been living like I was eating in Europe. A piece of bread, yes please. Pizza or pasta for dinner, for sure. Not to mention my addiction to chocolate especially the dark or nut variety. To be completely honest with you though, this isn’t how I generally like to live (well apart from the chocolate eating), I normally prefer a more gluten free based diet with the occasional splurge on the naughty things like pizza and pasta.


Isla Collective II Cruel Sea Look Book

We have been known to while away a good few hours on Instagram when we’re not busy. We simply love, trawling the images from the brands that we follow searching for inspiration and new ideas.

Recently, after spending a little too long on Instagram, we stumbled across this lovely label known as Isla Collective. If you haven’t heard of Isla Collective in the past, they are known for their simple basics perfect for that no fuss lifestyle spent by the beach.

So after scouring their Instagram feed in awe of their beautiful content, we decided to head over to their website to check out their latest collection. Titled Cruel Sea and featuring beauty Mimi Elashiry, the styling of this collection appears so simple and effortless yet is absolutely stunning. Just how we would love to look after a day spent wandering the shores of the ocean (well, a girl can dream can’t see?!).

IslaCollectiveSS15_WR (more…)