What you need to know about Fiji

With long sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters and swaying palm trees Fiji is an island paradise that we can’t wait to explore.

If your like us and thinking of planning a trip to Fiji this year or already have one in the pipeline, here are some of the things we have found out that may help you to make the most of your next Fijian holiday.

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The destination

Fiji is made up of 332 islands. The main islands are Vitu Levu and Vana Levu. Fiji’s capital, Suva is located on Vitu Levu (we probably wouldn’t recommend staying here unless you are looking to experience the city lifestyle on the island.)

The main resorts are located along the Coral Coast (on the main island Vitu Levu) and on the outer islands. The two main groups of outer islands are the Mamanuca (which is closer to the main island Vitu Levu) and the Yasawa. If you don’t have the extra funds to catch a seaplane or you don’t want to spend 3 – 4 hours on a boat to get to the Yasawa Islands we would recommend the Mamanuca group of islands.

There are also some further resorts on Denarau Island (part of Vitu Levu) but in our opinion these don’t appear to be as popular.

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The weather in Fiji is a consistent 26 – 31 degrees which makes it the perfect all year round summer destination. Although if you want to avoid the rain, we would probably recommend going in the dry season which runs from May to October. You can find out more about the monthly weather and rainfalls here.

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Way of Life

Fiji is famous for its friendly people and laid back culture. You will often hear people refer to Fijians being on island time which basically means they don’t actually really worry about the time making Fiji the perfect place if you want to relax.

Bula means hello in Fijian and is what you will probably hear a lot around the resorts. You can also find out more about other Fijian phrases and how to pronounce them here.

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What to wear

Fiji also makes for an easy getaway if your based in Australia as no visa is required and the power plugs are even the same that you use back home.

We’re planning on heading there in August this year, so if you have any tips that you feel are missing or know of things we should do while we are there drop us a note in the comments below.

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